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Charles John Wilson Jr.
Born on 31 July 1868 Brooklyn, NY. Died on 17 May 1936 Brooklyn, NY. He was my Grandfather, the son of Charles Sr., the immigrant from Norway. His wife, my grandma was Matilda Herting. She was the daughter of Albert Herting and Emelia Keck Herting.Charles, Matllda Wilson
1886 - 1886  209 Prospect Street      
1887 - 1888  176  Nassau Street 
1892 - 1893  145  High Street          Driver 
1893 - 1894  116  High Street          Clerk
1894 - 1895  116  Sands Street         Clerk
1895 - 1896  116  Sands Street         Clerk
1896 - 1897  192  Jay Street           Driver
1897 - 1898  192  Jay Street           Driver
1900 - 1901  327  Jay Street  Driver
1901 - 1902  99   Lawrence Street 
1902 - 1903  895  Myrtle Avenue 
1904 - 1905  2112 Fulton Street 
1907 - 1908  2054 Pitkin Avenue 
161 Hendrix Street 
1917 - 1918  1845 Fulton Street 
1933 - 1934  1882 Fulton Street 

Charles first appears in the 1870 census at 2 years old and living with his parents in the 2nd ward of Brooklyn. He subsequently appears in the following Census: 1875 - 1880 - 1892 - 1900 -1910- 1920 - 1925 1900 census has him as John J.

Addresses: 1880 - 1881 1161 Prospect Street;
1886 - 1886 209 Prospect Street Groceries.  He had 2 candy stores. One at 1845 Fulton and one at 1882 Fulton.

Charles was a clerk, a driver and lastly a stationery store owner. He died of Carditus. Board of Health certificate number 11364. The undertaker was our very own William C. Lezak (his sister's son). Charles is buried at his family plot at Linden Hill Cemetery row 6 sec. 1G Grave #6.

On his marriage certificate, it lists Charles as 20 years old, middle name John,jr liv. at 209 Prospect St. occupation Groceries, F. Charles Wilson Sr. M. Kate Rheinhardt. The witnesses were Albert Herting & Amelia. The minister was William Hamilton. He was married at the church at 6:30, fifteen minutes before his sister Annie married Albert Herting. 1925 Brooklyn census has him at 1845 Fulton and owning a Stationery store.

1900 census has him as Charles J Living w/ him were Albert 38, Map corrector, Augusta, 20, Lester 14, at school, Frank 13 & Richard 12 both at school.

1910 census indicates middle initial J

Marriage license indicates middle name John and JR

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Marriage Certificate
Death Notice

This was one of the candy stores my grandfather owned at various times.

He owned one at 1865 Fulton St and later moved to 1884 Fulton Street.

That's my mom and brother Jimmy at the counter.
Together, Charles and "Tilly" had 16 children.

Albert- Single and was the caretaker of the younger ones,
Emelia married Charles Wulpern and they has Selma,
Catherine died from a fall down the stairs at 16 years old,
Charles married Helen MacDonald and they had Charles (Whoopie) Richard (Brother) and Raymond,
Harry married May Elizabeth Stephenson and they had Jimmy, Lilly and Artie (Skippy),

Freddie married Albertina Hildergard Schnider (Bertha) and they had Bertha, Ruth,Virginia, Fredrick and Robert.
Clarence died young,
Arthur died young,
Matilda died young,
Augusta married William Sweeney and had Carolyn.
Lester never married. Frankie married Marjorie
Lorraine Barry and they had Matilda (Mickey) married John Ross, Kathleen, un married,Valerie married Joe,Gayle married James Alan Ross Lyon, Kenneth (Ken) married Kimberly Star Cartright (Kim)
The youngest was
Richie. He married Irene Rudawsky and they had Richard, Daniel and John.
Three children were unnamed and still born.
my old brooklyn, Charles John Wilson, Jr.